Hello, I have a MacBook 4.1 and I've successfully installed Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala.
During the process of partitioning i messed up with my Hard Drive and something happened that when I Turn on the Computer, i see 4 Partirions
1. Boot From Mac OS X Macintosh HD
2. Boot From Legacy OS Macintosh HD
3. Boot From Legacy OS (ubuntu)
4. Boot From Windows XP (Windoze)

I want to temove the partition 2, but I already tried using Gparted Live CD, I Tried using a Mac application called Techtool Pro, and When i check the partitions on Disk Utility I'm just able to see 3 of them, How can I remove the "Boot From Legacy OS Macintosh HD" from the rEFIt Menu?

Any help would be appreciated