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Thread: new xf86-input for macbooks and other multitouch-touchpads.

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    Lightbulb new xf86-input for macbooks and other multitouch-touchpads.

    xf86-input-multitouch status:
    beta1 has been released. rc1 scheduled for July 20th.

    The Multitouch X Driver driver uses the kernel MT protocol to bring multi-touch gestures to the Linux desktop.

    You need an MT-enabled touchpad in order to use this driver.

    • 2-Finger Scrolling
    • Click with one Finger, Drag with another
    • Tap-to-Click
    • 3-Finger-Swipe: BTN 8 through 11
    • Resize: BTN12 and 13
    • Rotate: BTN15 and 15
    • On-the-fly configuration (like synclient)
    • Region for "thumb-click -> index-finger drag" should not be fixed size, but rather depending on relative positions.


    if you're keen to try it out, grab the sources, and build them:
    sudo aptitude install xserver-xorg-dev

    git clone
    cd multitouch
    make && sudo make install
    afterwards add the following to your "/etc/X11/xorg.conf":
    Section "InputClass"
            MatchIsTouchpad "true"
            Identifier "touchpad"
            Driver "multitouch"
    Note: when you run into problems, please think for a moment, before asking. e.g. when ubuntu says, that it doesn't know "git", than that is something you can probably figure out without asking questions here...

    • 15JUN2010 Multitouch v1.0-beta1 released. Tap-to-Click, Tap-and-Hold for Dragging, ... see here
    • 15MAY2010 Multitouch v1.0-alpha3 released. Thumb detection, better support for integrated button trackpads, scaling and rotation gestures.
    • 15APR2010 Multitouch v1.0-alpha2 released. Kudos to Arturo Castro for work on the integrated button trackpad.
    • 01FEB2010 The Multitouch X Driver is now in alpha stage. You are welcome to contribute gestures to the project.

    Disclaimer: this driver is mainly developed by Henrik Rydberg (kosumi68 ), not me. a few people (including me) contributed minor fixes - for more information see the git-log.
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