[QUOTE=Digger109;11922375]FYI, if the above file has ever been added to "/etc/modprobe.d", it will, in my case anyway (eee PC 901 with Debian Squeeze loaded), prevent the touchpad from being recognized as an Elantech touchpad. If you're having this problem, I'd check for this file, first. QUOTE]

I have a Dell Mini 10 with an Elantech touchpad. I could press the left and right buttons but the touchpad cursor was frozen solid in Ubuntu 12.10. Adding the psmouse file to /etc/modprobe.d sets up the touchpad as a generic mouse. Finally cursor movement works on the desktop. Its not recognized an Elantech touchpad but the main thing is the touchpad cursor now works! In gpointing-device-settings the Elantech touchpad shows up as a generic mouse - which is a good fix to this particular problem with the synaptics touchpad driver not loading from the kernel.