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Thread: Up-to-date Ubuntu LiveCD Images

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    Question Up-to-date Ubuntu LiveCD Images

    Hi all,

    -As we know, every Ubuntu release will get patches and security updates from time to time. Even Karmic (9.10) also already has several patches/updates rolled out for it.

    -My question is: is there any up-to-date (at least frequently updated) official LiveCD images for Ubuntu (Karmic especially)? I know LTS releases get this treatment, sort of - just not too often (Hardy got 8.04.3 recently). If it available, then how/where to get it? Or we have to rebuild it from source ourselves?

    -It'll surely be better this way as we don't have to check and install updates every time we install it onto a new machine. And no need for internet connection too.


    P/S: I've read about 'Persistent' LiveCD, but it isn't so efficient.
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    Re: Up-to-date Ubuntu LiveCD Images

    As far as I know Ubuntu has never released updated install or live CDs except for the LTS versions.
    There are ways to make a custom Ubuntu live CD that incorporate the changes you want. See this example using remastersys:
    It would be nice if Ubuntu did release updated install CDs though. If you install Ubuntu late in the release cycle you are usually faced with downloading a bazillion updates. Doing this on more than 1 system would be take a while.
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    Re: Up-to-date Ubuntu LiveCD Images

    Quote Originally Posted by Musafir_86 View Post
    -My question is: is there any up-to-date (at least frequently updated) official LiveCD images for Ubuntu (Karmic especially)?
    Well, you can try a "daily build" version from (The url will change daily) or

    Or you can use the Jigdo utility to build your own, custom, up-to-date live CD. Ubuntu carries Jigdo files on the daily build sites.

    Oops, just realized that the "daily build" images are for Lucid Lynx (the next release of Ubuntu, 10.04), and that there are no Karmic daily builds anymore. So everything I've said above is irrelevant. Sorry about that.
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