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Thread: Menu Won't Scroll Down Enough

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    Menu Won't Scroll Down Enough

    Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83gb 2Gb RAM
    ICH7 chipset (btw, sound has never worked)
    Toshiba U200 12" laptop

    The scroll bar on the right edge of the window hits the bottom of the screen before scrolling down the remainder of the icons below. Look closely in the attached image; you can just barely see the tops of the next row.

    If I change the selections on the Menu Editor the windows will change, sometimes becoming stretched out, but never properly fixed. Another error somehow corrected it self. The icon for the directory did not properly appear within the bordered area. A removable disc icon had been overlaid on that location

    Installed 64bit command line and then manually installed the ubuntu-netbook-remix package since I decided I liked it best.

    Would love some help getting it fixed so I can go back to pulling my hair out over this sound card.

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    Re: Menu Won't Scroll Down Enough

    I have same trouble and in addition some of my icons are enormously stretched downwards
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