What?! You forgot your password? What are you going to do now? You can't reinstall; you have all your critical files on your machine!

No big deal. Don't sweat it. We can change your password so easily it's not even funny.

The Howto:
1. Boot up your computer, and when you see the screen that says something like "Press ESC to enter grub," press ESC (the escape key) as soon as you can.

2. Now you should see a menu with many options. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the newest kernel (the one with the highest number) that has "(recovery mode)" written next to it. Now, hit enter (return).

3. Next, your system should boot up normally. BUT, you WILL NOT see the boot splash. Don't worry about that. Lots and lots of text WILL fly past you.

4. Now you are at a root shell.

5. Type
passwd username
replacing username with your username

6. Now a little thing will come up and say "New UNIX Password" or similar. Type the new password that you want. Hit enter. Type it again. Hit enter

7. Then, your password has been changed! Type
shutdown -r now
8. Your system is now rebooting. Once it comes back up, login with your new username and password.

9. There is no step nine.

That was easy, too easy. Congratulations!

Hope to help,