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Thread: bluetooth transfers files corrupt

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    Re: bluetooth transfers files corrupt

    ok, after i changed into Blueman, everything works fine..
    i even be able to browse my device memory.. *well, i previously planning to buy a Card Reader, since the bluetooth disabled, but hey it works..* XD

    Thanks Sant..

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    Re: bluetooth transfers files corrupt

    Quote Originally Posted by sant View Post
    Try using the latest version of Blueman instead of Gnome Bluetooth.
    You will have to add the ppa repository of Blueman.
    I tried that, that's not gonna work. It's really annoying, in Jaunty bluetooth it worked like charm but Jaunty had some issued with my Intel's graphics card and now when graphics are fine with Karmic, Bluetooth went down. I must say Intrepid worked fine in all aspects for me.
    Thank you.

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    Re: bluetooth transfers files corrupt

    Have you installed Blueman 1.21 or the version in the Ubuntu Packages?

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