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Thread: Evolution and Gnome-Keyring Tip

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    Evolution and Gnome-Keyring Tip

    I switched to using the KDM login manager from GDM and as a result Evolution would prompt me for the Gnome keyring password which was annoying, doing some research online I figured out how to allow KDM to automatically start the gnome-keyring-manager just like GDM does.

    sudo vi /etc/pam.d/kdm
    so it looks like this (don't forget to make a backup first!):

    # /etc/pam.d/kdm - specify the PAM behaviour of kdm
    auth       required
    auth       required readenv=1
    auth       required readenv=1 envfile=/etc/default/locale
    @include common-auth
    auth       optional
    session    required
    @include common-account
    @include common-password
    @include common-session
    session    optional auto_start
    Basically it's the same as the original file plus these two additional ones:

    auth       optional
    session    optional auto_start
    Once that's done you can logout/restart and when you log back in Evolution won't prompt you for the gnome-keyring-manager password anymore (as long as it's the same as your login password).

    Hopefully this will help someone else (or myself in the future when I forget how I did this )

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    Re: Evolution and Gnome-Keyring Tip


    I am using kdm to get a proper multiseat setup as lightdm is broken for multiseat now. This tip helped a lot.

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