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Thread: BIN Files , How do I make them Work?

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    Question BIN Files , How do I make them Work?

    Well Im TOTALLY new to linux , when my computer died my brother installed Linux Mint on it since all my previous data was dead or what not and there was no other way to make my computer work. for the last 2 days Ive been trying to figure out how to play a game on it and every time I download it and load it in window doors theres some flaw or it crashes ...So FINALLY I found a game im intrested in playing that has a linux download , the only problem is I cant figure out what I do to make it work saves on my desktop and when I double click on it it opens up in gimp and I have no idea how Im supposed to make it work as a game. I tried going to package manager and type it in and it never finds it. the file is called PlaneShift-v0.4.03-x86.bin ...Ive given up trying to figure it out myself anymore my brother refuses to help me so someone please have mercy on me and forgive my newbie-ness

    Thank you ,

    The place I got the download is here by the way

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    Re: BIN Files , How do I make them Work?

    Your brother refuses to help you? Geeeeeez.

    I'm afraid I don't know anything about Mint but maybe it's similar enough for this to work...

    Open a terminal (I don't know how to do that on Mint...on Ubuntu it's Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal).

    In the terminal, type:

    chmod +x Desktop/PlaneShift-v0.4.03-x86.bin

    That makes the file executable (runnable as a program).

    Now, type:


    What that will do I don't actually know! It depends upon whether it's a self-extracting installer or if it's the program itself. If it's just an installer, you'll have to figure out how to run the program after it's installed.

    Good luck! And tell your brother I said not to be a meanie!

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    Re: BIN Files , How do I make them Work?

    Wow it worked you got it to start installing! The installations kind of weird cause it asked for type of windows and I know it meant windows of when you open files and things but I have no idea what K-whatever and Gnome or whatever is so I just put Other...and hope it doesn't really matter o.o installed now I just have to figure out where I put it ...T.T

    Thank you so much for your help , If I have anymore questions I'll be sure to ask here this is the quickest response to a problem Ive ever gotten on a forum
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