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Thread: Changing permission of files on CD

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    Changing permission of files on CD

    This is my first post here, and I have done some searching for similar threads, but have found none, so here goes. I am trying to install WoW with Cedega. The problem is that my computer has the files on the WoW CD marked as no read. I tried changing the permissions, but as I am not the host, I am not able to. I cannot copy and paste them into another folder either. I am new to linux, so I was wondering how I would be able to copy and paste these files to another file, or how to change the permissions. Thank you.

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    Re: Changing permission of files on CD

    Once a cd is written you can't change the permissions on it. What do you mean by mark as no read?
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    Re: Changing permission of files on CD

    A cd is a type of programable Ram.once it is burnt its contents cannot be altered unless its re writable even if its re writable u have to change the permission of files on ur pc then burn it on to that disc.
    ps:all contents of disc are readonly type so premissions cannot be changed


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