I've recently installed 9.10 -- and, I'm looking to buy a scanner. In the online documentation, I read:

"Simply plug it in and try it! If it is a newer Universal Serial Bus (USB) scanner, it is likely that it will just work".

...but that doesn't seem to jive with other stuff I've been reading; like, the supported scanners linked to on the same page:


There seems to be a whole lotta stuff that just doesn't work. I read the same thing on the Sane website; I'm attracted to the new Canon LiDE 200, but I'm reading horror stories about it with linux. And, why should I pay a premium price for a scanner that works with Ubuntu, simply because it's used and it's old?

So here's the question: Does anyone make a flatbed scanner sleek as the LiDE series, that's new, works with Ubuntu (with the complete feature set), and is comparable in price? I'm ready to sign up, just... tired of searching.