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Thread: Remove OpenSUSE and put Ubuntu KK on

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    Unhappy Remove OpenSUSE and put Ubuntu KK on

    Hello, everyone.
    I heard about Ubuntu 9.10 and thought to give it a try. The problem is I already have OpenSUSE 11.1 dual-boot with Windows on my machine. And I want to remove SUSE and install Ubuntu 9.10 but without losing my data in SUSE's home directory.

    I know this is possible by copying all my data in windows partition but there has to be an effective way of doing this(which I don't know). Can anyone help me on this, please? So that I can try different distros in future.

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    Re: Remove OpenSUSE and put Ubuntu KK on

    Create a separate home partition in that way you don't need to keep copying your home data everytime. There are plenty of tutorials on internet. Just do a google search and you will come across so many.
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