It is possible to change more than just the colors of avant-window navigator. You can also use textures to change how it looks. This HOWTO will explain how you can make your dock look like a wooden plank, metal diamond plate or anything else you can think of.

Things You'll need:


Some seamless texture files in .png format.

You can download my pack here:

Open the avant-window-navigator manager by right clicking on the dock and going to preferences.

The click on pattern engine.

check enable pattern, and then open the menu box and navigate to the .png texture image.

Hit ok. Your dock should now be textured! But there might be unwanted colors on the dock.

To fix this You will need to change the colors of the dock boarders and glass engine.

In the case of the wood theme; under "glass engine" I changed the gradient and highlight colors to zero opacity.

Then under "bar apperance" I changed the main boarder color to #592600 with 100% opacity and internal boarder to 0% opacity.

The separator color was changed to #391A00 with 151% opacity.