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Thread: Problem with SSH keys while configuring MPICH

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    Problem with SSH keys while configuring MPICH

    Hi, I'm trying to set up MPICH (a parallel computing platform) following the directions at I'm stuck trying to get one of the computers in the cluster to allow the other computers to ssh onto it just with a public/private key rather than requiring a password.

    I've checked /etc/ssh/sshd_config and RSAAuthentication and PubkeyAuthentication are both set to yes and the AuthorizedKeysFile is correct.

    When I do ssh hostnameofstuckcomputer hostname, I get a prompt for a password whereas on the other computers I do not get this prompt. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this? I've already reinstalled once (because of an unrelated issue).

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    Re: Problem with SSH keys while configuring MPICH

    I assume you set

    #PasswordAuthentication yes


    PasswordAuthentication no

    Is this what you want? (and then restarted the server)?

    sudo service sshd restart

    sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart

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    host-based authentication

    Look at host-based authentication for ssh. That will allow the one machine to authenticate to the other. So a user on the first is allowed in on the second simply by virtue of having logged in on the first. Obviously there are some risks.

    These are a little old, but give the general idea.

    (Search engines aren't much use for finding anything other than noise these days.)

    Otherwise, you might look at using a key agent. Ubuntu, at least Kubuntu, loads an agent automatically on startup and it is then only a matter of adding a key to it to be able to use that key repeatedly.n

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    Re: Problem with SSH keys while configuring MPICH

    Well I ended up having success after I decided I would not use the same folder on the same drive for the home folder of all the users and after also having changed /etc/hosts so that none of the hosts had more than one hostname. I'm not sure whether that would work with the single folder setup, but I decided that wasn't the best setup as my computers have different architectures.


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