Well, I tried to install 9.10 on my IBM r50e and was thwarted by my inability to get the wirless to work. Not a biggy, Just wanted to use the available wireless rather than plugging into an ethernet. Hard to do when you are out and about. I finally stepped back to 9.04 and everything worked very well. I don't know what I did wrong, but being a LUSR and not among the elite of ubuntu I have to take what works 'out of the box' and wait until smarter people figure out the problems.

9.04 is very good.

I'm slowly sorting out my 3+ years of files on my windows desktop. Once I have them all converted, I am going go for a full install of 9.04 on the desktop and get rid of the windows all together.
This isn't a "rah-rah, us against them" decision. I just don't use windows anymore and I forget that it is there. I dual boot with xp and ubuntu 8.04 now and I am going to replace the windows with 9.04. I will probably wait for 10.04 to upgrade again. Messing with it every 6 months seems more like a hobby than an actual working system. Like I say, I am a LUSR and mucking around in the innards of computer is kind of boring.