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Thread: File Permissions for a partition

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    File Permissions for a partition

    Hey, I currently only have read permission to an internal partition mounted to /media/bigd
    I really need to change it so i can write, how would I go about this? (Its FAT32 by the way)

    Thanks, Fergus!
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    Re: File Permissions for a partition

    If it's just for you you, you can change the ownership with the chown command. In a terminal:

    sudo chown <your user name> /media/bigd
    If it's for everyone, you can use chmod. In terminal:

    sudo chmod 777 /media/bigd
    The chmod option will give read-write-execute permissions to everyone -- not always the most secure option.

    There are probably some GUI ways to accomplish this, but I haven't used Gnome or KDE in so long, I can't help you there.

    You can also edit your /etc/fstab file -- search through the "Tutorials and Tips" forum for some good examples of how to edit /etc/fstab.
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