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Thread: Power supply air flow

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    Question Power supply air flow

    Hello everyone,

    I'm considering moving the PSU to the bottom of the case I'm building, but I'm not sure there is enough space for proper air intake.

    It draws with a 140-mm fan, and there will be a gap along the bottom of the case about 1/8" high, figure a total of about 40 inches in length on this gap, for a total of about 5 square inches of inlet space.

    Two questions: Will this be enough inlet space to allow proper air flow for the PSU? Assuming it IS enough space, will the narrow constriction make it sound like a wind tunnel?

    I can make the gap wider if needed, but I wanted to get some input from those with more knowledge of air flow than I.


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    Re: Power supply air flow

    I'd flip the PSU over, so its still drawing air from inside the case.

    That amount of clearance (1/8'' or 3.5mm) is nowhere near enough IMO.

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    Re: Power supply air flow

    My server box has a 1200mm fan in the bottom of the case pushing air in.
    The case is about an 300mm from the floor. The big problem with this is it pulls a lot of dust in. The fan blades get caked with a layer of dust. I have to clean it out every 6 or so months.
    So in my opinion keep all air intakes away from the floor !!
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