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Thread: unetbootin help!!

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    Re: unetbootin help!!

    Your simplest solution would certainly be to buy or borrow a flash drive. While I've never actually tried to do what you are attempting, I suspect that the installer will (understandably) balk at partitioning the drive that contains the active operating system. The option provided in Unetbootin would make sense if you had multiple hard disks.

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    Re: unetbootin help!!

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnCDI View Post
    i already have the iso on the HD
    In that case you can very easily install the system using Wubi (assuming you have a working Windows install on the machine)

    Just download wubi.exe and make sure it downloads into the same folder as your .iso. Then run wubi.exe and allocate at least about 8GB of space to Ubuntu. It'll set up a dual boot system with Ubuntu on a virtual partition located on the NTFS partition.

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