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Thread: [hardy heron] system hangs on load after installing ati driver

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    system hangs on load after installing ati driver (need to change graphical params)

    I have Ubuntu 8.04. It worked fine until I installed ATI driver through 'hardware drivers' program. After installation the system asked to reboot itself, and after the reboot it didn't loaded.
    It hangs with a black screen and a message-box on it telling me something like: "The current display refresh rate ( 2,3 kHz / 230 Hz) is not supported". I can be wrong about the numbers but the main idea of the message was of that sort.
    I have loaded from ubuntu live-cd & I have access to the hdd, so I can fix the parameters in config-file, but I don't know which files (though I supporse it would be 'xorg.conf') and what to write in there. I couldn't manage to find such info, everywhere it is said just "use aticonfig" tool, but of course I cannot use it: I'm not logged into the system.

    I have ATI Radeon 9600XE.

    I also need to disable hardware video accelleration because my video-card is in rather bad condition and it doesn't work properly with it enabled.

    I hope for your help,
    Thanks in advance,
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