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Thread: Setting up drives with ide and sata

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    Setting up drives with ide and sata

    Hey all. Im finally moving to SATA and have a few questions. I know I'm a little late adopting this tech so I haven't got any experience using it.

    First off, I'm currently running 2 hdd on 1 ide (120 and 40gb) and 2 DVD burners on another ide cable. I just ordered a SATA 640gb WD Black hdd. Im thinking of putting it on the primary sata by itself, ditching the ide hd's, and putting one burner on each IDE cable alone.

    Is this the best way to do it? Any thoughts?

    On a side note - all the sata cables ive ever seen have only got one plug for the mobo and one for the device. My mobo only has 2 plugs, can I run more than 2 SATA devices?

    Asus p5nsli
    core duo
    2gb ram
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