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Thread: ICC loding when X starts

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    ICC loading when X starts

    Hi everybody, I hope this is the right section, feel free to move if it's the case...
    I have a Macbook Pro and was surprised of how photos looked different in linux from MacOS... So I discovered the existence of xcalib, copied the icc profile from MacOS and everything looked great. Some days ago I upgraded to Karmic and noted that X starts earlier than before, so that's the question:

    Is it possible to load an icc profile (i.e. to launch xcalib, simple bash command) when X starts?

    I want this because loading it when user logs in gives a bad feeling (colours changes from gdm to gnome). I have tried to add a script that execute xcalib in /etc/X11/Xsession.d and gave it a low id (it is named 19custom_xcalib) so it starts before anything. This solves the other issue I had (set the colour profile for all users) but still gives the bad feel (from what I understood it's gdm that launches xsession so every change I make in that direction would be useless).
    Thanks for anyone that replies (any info about the new splash method would be appreciated)
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