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Thread: Optimize ubuntu and wi-fi card configuration

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    Optimize ubuntu and wi-fi card configuration

    Hi there mates. I'm new to the forum so i'm sorry if i am posting a question that was already solved around here.

    First of all let me tell you the background : i have a Compaq Armada E500 (P3-700Mhz , 192Ram , 12Gb ) and i just installed Ubuntu 9.10 (ext4 with journal)

    Well, i want to know if there is some configurations i can do to put the Ubuntu so it runs good and in this low resources computer.. I have put a 1GB swap in the install. So if any of you guys could give me a help with that.

    Secondly , i have a Conceptronic C54RC Wi-Fi card that i would like to install in the laptop, but i don't find the way to do it.

    Thanks in advance for your answers.


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    Re: Optimize ubuntu and wi-fi card configuration

    192 MB is (sadly) awfully small for current Ubuntu.

    You might want to consider XUbuntu which uses a lighter-weight window manager, but even that still runs Firefox which can get pretty big. Adding more swap just means that your machine will swap too much, and a machine that old likely has a slow drive as well for swapping.

    Can you add RAM to get to 512MB? Memory is pretty cheap these days, though maybe not so cheap for an older machine...


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