Hi everyone,
I am noticing after using a Macbook Pro with OS X that my Macbook (running Ubuntu) does not have nearly the same sensitivity in the trackpad. When I move my finger over the trackpad very slowly, I can see the cursor "jump" ahead and slow down, jump ahead and slow down. I am sure this is caused by sensors in the trackpad. This makes it very hard to have the precision that I am used to on OS X. Moving the cursor 10px if I am at the wrong letter while typing a document can be very frustrating. My hand also starts to crap after long periods of use.

  • Is there a synaptic driver setting to fix this? The Gnome->Mouse "sensitivity" and "acceleration" settings do not appear to affect this.
  • Does anyone else experience this? This doesn't have to be on a macbook - any synaptic trackpad may have similar issues. If you have ever used a Macbook Pro touchpad you will immediately notice the difference.