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Thread: Ubuntu 9.10 Suspend problem

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    Ubuntu 9.10 Suspend problem

    Hi, I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 64bit, my laptop is HP DV4-1125nr.
    When I press suspend button the display goes black and nothing happens, when I move mouse the login screen appears, when I type in the password everything is like before, all applications are opened like before. Hibernation works fine, the problem is only with suspending.

    looking forward for tips.

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    Re: Ubuntu 9.10 Suspend problem

    Your motherboard type is probably incompatible with the Suspend feature in Karmic. An update soon may fix it. You will just have to wait and be patient for now...

    For now, I would just suggest leaving the computer on or going to hibernate.

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    Re: Ubuntu 9.10 Suspend problem

    There's a large thread on this issue:

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    Re: Ubuntu 9.10 Suspend problem

    I had trouble with both suspend and hibernate on my DV4T-1500 (system recovered to a black screen, and had to be rebooted with the Alt+SysRq magic keys). I eventually solved it by using EnvyNG to install my NVidia drivers; see my post on the issue.


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