I dropped my laptop from a tall table today and it splintered my screen. I hooked up a Dell monitor to it, so I'm able to use it, but I was planning on repartitioning my drives tonight so I could use all of the available space after installing Ubuntu 9.10 for the fifth time.

Here is what I'm working with:

Sony VAIO VGN-NS230E with unusable, but colorful screen
250 gb HardDrive
80 gb partition- Ubuntu 9.10 stable, installed yesterday
170 gb partition- Empty, useless, wasted

250 gb external Hard Drive with a fresh backup of my system (lucky)
4 gb flash drivewith Ubuntu 9.10 on it

What I want:

To resize the 80 gb partition so that it's using all of my HD space.

What I've tried:

BIOS won't work because I can't use my native screen and am using a different monitor.
GParted won't allow me to resize the partition I'm running it from.
VirtualBox won't let me install ubuntu on a different drive, freezes when I select install.


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!