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Thread: Apple controls the car audio market!!!!

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    Exclamation Apple controls the car audio market!!!!

    The only car that comes with an interface for both ipods and mp3 players is a Mercades Benz! Every other manufacturer is forced to only support the iPod! I use ubuntu exclusively and absolutely will not buy an iPod because I don't want to be controlled by the market or waste money on a device that does not work at all when in a Linux only environment unless jail-broken WITH a friends MAC or WindowsPC and then still be pointlessly hard to transfer with!! Whatever shall I do? Id like to use my phone or psp but they are both no good at managing music! I like the COWON S9 but no car has a hands-free interface compatible with it.
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    Re: Apple controls the car audio market!!!!

    I suppose it depends on the type of audio connection in the vehicle. The newer Ford Explorers, for instance, use a headphone-jack type connection that supports any MP3 player.
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