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Thread: CDROM access only under root? Ubuntu 9.10

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    CDROM access only under root? Ubuntu 9.10

    NOTE: This problem fixed itself a couple hours later after a couple reboots and complete shutdowns. Not sure what changed. (could it be the order in which it loads drivers or something?) Anyways, i'm curious if anyone else has had this issue? Should i file a bug report?

    For some reason with no changes that i can tell, when ever i put a cd into the drive it is not seen or accessible under either of the 2 user accounts i have created. The drive mounts itself as root i think. If i use gksu nautilus i can browser the contents of the drive and unmount and eject the drive. Otherwise, the drive is unusable under normal account.

    Something is messed up with permission maybe? What should the drive ownership be set to and other stuff? When view permissions it is currently set to:

    Owner: 400 - user #400
    folder access: (create and delete files)

    Group: 401
    folder access: (none)

    Others: "blank"
    folder access: (none)

    And when i go to manage user acounts/manage groups. The group "users" doesn't have any of the user accounts selected?
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