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Thread: The shell way or the highway [long rant]

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    Re: The shell way or the highway [long rant]

    Quote Originally Posted by NoaHall View Post
    Speaks for itself, don't you think.
    You just misunderstood him, that's all. I too had to learn Linux because my employer used Solaris. That's no contradiction. Solaris --at least back then-- was running on super-expensive SPARC workstations. For a newb like me it was impossible to get one just to "play around". But we had PC's. They were cheap. And there was Linux. Free and gratis. So I was told to "play around" on those PC's with Linux. If I'd master that, they'd let me "play" with those expensive Solaris workstations. Yes, Solaris isn't based on Linux. But still ... once you know one UNIX-like OS --such as Linux-- finding your way around another UNIX-like OS --such as SUN's Solaris or HP's HP-UX-- isn't hard at all.

    That's what he meant. Been there, done that myself too.

    I still train my apprentices that way. First thing they learn to do on their very first day is to remove that OS abomination made in Redmond from the laptops we give them. You can't teach or learn real IT with Windoze. Seriously. You can't.

    It doesn't take very long and we catch our apprentices distro-hopping. Ubuntu today, tomorrow OpenSUSE; Arch Linux and Debian after that, next week maybe even some *BSD. When that happens it's time to hand them some nice server and the Solaris 10 installer DVD ...

    Our current apprentice is now trying out "Linux from Scratch" and is in charge of our Solaris 10 "JumpStart" environment.

    So the method works. Teach someone Linux and you'll maybe have a Solaris guru tomorrow.

    Quote Originally Posted by NoaHall View Post
    I was making sure that there were no misinformed newbies.
    You could have included a quote or something ... Just a suggestion.

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    Re: The shell way or the highway [long rant]

    Quote Originally Posted by vagrantrooper View Post
    An Ubuntu spokesperson was on the BBC website not long ago saying that users should never have to use the shell and type in code. and in the last 5 years this has become apparent.

    Long gone are the days when using Linux meant being an command line geek.
    Weird, the terminal is one of the things that made me stick with linux. I'd hate to see it drowned to the background.

    first os I installed on my pc besides windows was ubuntu (7.04). at first ubuntu (gnome) was all awkward and unfamiliar.

    (By the way I liked gnome BECAUSE it was nothing like windows, unlike KDE. Just saying, I read so many articles, posts, tutorials, ... where they explain how the lure windows users by making linux look like windows, and how they would not know the difference. I really don't get that, the difference is exactly what makes linux so appealing. It is what made me to give it a try.
    Oh and I never dual booted, I don't get why people recommend that if you try to make the switch from windows to linux. You'll always go back to what's familiar ...)

    Anyway, in all this time I have only posted one or two topics where I asked for help. On all other occasions I found solutions using google. It's remarkable how much you can find by explicitly typing the error message you get in google. Of course that does not work all the time. My point is, if you try a bit there is nearly always enough info on the web to solve your problem.

    If you don't like typing in commands that you don't know (witch you should never do) it is often easy enough to get information on commands. just try --help and man every now and then. that's what I do when I don't have a clue what a command does (basically every time I see a new command, and often even with commands I know. for instance the tar -xfterdgkdoej thingy, though man page explains it clear enough :d).

    I'm no where near as familiar with the command line as a lot of people around. Though nowadays I sometimes even find myself browsing documents with the terminal ... (I could think so many, more useful ways to use the terminal though :d) (btw this mostly happens when I'm trying to do something else on the command line)

    actually to top this all of, when I see some tutorial, or help page, or anything that contains screen shots or mentions something like "click here and go to there fill in <something> in that field and click forward" I wont even give it a try.
    And I'm just using ubuntu as a means to an end. I mean I just need an operating system so I can work with my pc, and quite frankly that's all I'm interested in. All other benefits of using linux are added bonuses. (actually I have never felt the need to turn to any other os after the first few months of using ubuntu). If someone would come to be for help on ubuntu they better have backups made (just saying I don't know enough to actually help others out).

    I think the reason I post this is because I often read or hear about users that are not keen on using the terminal. Users that look upon it as a demonic contraption that should be purged form ANY software (or agree with it at least on some level). Though I never came across any post of a simple user that has absolutely no problem with the command line. This sometimes surprises me. (of course it could be that I never read enough to actually come across such users)

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    Re: The shell way or the highway [long rant]

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