Im relatively new to linux/ubuntu but I thought I'd post this here instead of newb post area since it is a hardware issue.

I acquired a 120 gig hard drive from a friend who was pissed cause he tried to transfer over a "system restore" partition that was native to a 60 gig hard drive. When he ran the restore (hoping to transfer his windows partition restore to a bigger upgrade drive), It did something to the drive where it cut off 60gigs of the hard drive. What I mean is that it only recognizes 60 gigs PERIOD. After he tried numerous scan programs in windows and stuff, it still only recognizes 60gigs.

I've used it as a small usb transfer drive (with a usb adapter), but since I'm trying to go all out linux, I thought you geniuses might have a linux solution to fix this problem that we could not get windows to fix.

Thanks for any assistance!