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Thread: Good video card desired

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    Good video card desired

    Have Dell with NVIDIA 8600GT card... using 9.04, it worked ok... when I upgraded to 9.10, all movies suddenly had green people... colors all wrong... I rolled back the driver on Nov 17 (back to 173.14.20), and it worked fine again. Now, today, for NAR (no apparent reason), it's happened again... suddenly, peoples are green again... AND, looking at the driver, it's the same one I had, and the xorg.conf & xorg.conf.backup files are from Nov 17!! They have not changed, but something sure did... I did NOT download any upgrades before this happened today... and in fact, did nothing out of the ordinary with the computer... And were it easy to upgrade/downgrade drivers, I'd do that, but, what a pain...

    So, after d**king with this for too long, I'm searching for a video card that will work out of the box without any special crap needed... I'm not a gamer, and don't do much more than play videos, edit videos/movies, etc.

    Any suggestions? Cost is not really a concern, as my time doing what I do (build and repair instruments) is worth more than sitting at the computer trying to fix what shouldn't be broken!!

    Using Sony SDM-M81 monitor, Dell Vostro 400, Dual core Intel processors, 2.66 GHz, 4 Gb RAM.

    Thanks in advance!! dk

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    Re: Good video card desired

    I have a Nvidia 9500GT and it works great with the 185 driver.

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    Re: Good video card desired

    You might as well get an nvidia gt240


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