Hey everyone,

I have an HP G50-111NR notebook with an Atheros AR5001 Lan adapter in it. What I am trying to do is get the connectivity indicator status LED that's inside the wifi button to change from colors Orange to Blue to indicate that it is, in fact connected.

Doing a Google search, it looked like a common hack on one of it's sister cards was to pass a couple sysctrl commands that would fix this issue. Having tried that, I found that I was unable to use this fix to actually fix the issue I'm having. Now, I have noticed that one thing that I am able to do that a lot of these other people can't do is actually enable and disable my card with the button in it's current state. Does any one know of a solution -- one that preferably quick and easy that I can use to get this LED working correctly? Any and all help is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance