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Thread: minidlna vs ushare upnp servers

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    minidlna vs ushare upnp servers
    This minidlna is better than ushare.
    it does automatic folder refreshing without interrupting the upnp serving of currently playing video.

    with ushare, placing a file in the shared folder to become visible to the media player, you have to do a reload. then my dsm 320 stops playing the stream and i cant just restart but have to back out of the directory to replay the video.

    for minidlna, just extract to a home folder.
    adjust the conf file to suite your system
    run it like this

    ./minidlna [-d] [-f config_file]
    [-a listening_ip] [-p port]
    [-s serial] [-m model_number]
    [-t notify_interval] [-P pid_filename]
    [-w url] [-R] [-V] [-h]

    Notify interval is in seconds. Default is 895 seconds.
    Default pid file is /var/run/
    With -d minidlna will run in debug mode (not daemonize).
    -w sets the presentation url. Default is http address on port 80
    -h displays this text
    -R forces a full rescan
    -V print the version number

    scott@scott-desktop:~/mini/usr/sbin$ ./minidlna -f /home/scott/mini/etc/minidlna.conf

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    Smile Re: minidlna vs ushare upnp servers

    Thanks for posting that. uShare has been broken for me of since just before the release of 9.10

    This works and is actually maintained unlike ushare.

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    Re: minidlna vs ushare upnp servers

    I can also play divx files directly on the dsm 320 with minidlna.
    ushare can not do this.


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