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Thread: video_ts plays fast with VDPAU

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    video_ts plays fast with VDPAU

    I have a 8400GS, I think it is. When I use one of the VDPAU playback settings, my recordings seem to work fine. But when I try and play my movies that are ripped just to video_ts folders, the playback is speed up. I can select change the time stretch and change it back to fix it. But that is just messed up, and my wife doesn't think that is much of a workaround. Anyone else seeing this?

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    Re: video_ts plays fast with VDPAU

    I have an 8300 based board and I was seeing it.

    I made a custom playback profile that used only the Bob deinterlacer. Then I installed cpufrequtils and tinkered with cpufreq-info and cpufreq-set. I set the min freq to 1.8G.

    Somewhere in all that tinkering it started working so I installed cpufreqd and changed the cpufreq.conf to set the ac power = on profile to have a min of 1.8G. It works now.

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    Re: video_ts plays fast with VDPAU

    it's a bug in mythtv...

    doesn't occur with just vdpau


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