Good day everyone.

I recently installed Ubuntu 9.10 on one of my computers which has a wireless network card. Ubuntu is finding it fine and when I bring up the list of available wireless networks, there's a list of about 6 or 7, including mine. When I select mine, it detects that it's 128bit WEP encryption but the problem I'm having is that when I try to connect and put in the WEP key, it doesn't connect and just asks for the WEP key again.

I've tried the network card in 2 other computers, one running Windows XP and the other running Fedora 9 and they work fine. I have tried looking at all the network settings but for some reason, it won't let me load up network manager. I've followed instructions from various sites that say how to open it, some even had screenshots to show how but it wouldn't work. Network manager is not listed under preferences in the system menu like the screenshots had shown.

The network card is a Buffalo Technologies Wireless G Keychain USB 2.0 (not technically a network card but it does pretty much the same thing).

The main thing I'm trying to work out is why it's not accepting my WEP key. I've checked to make sure it's typed out correctly. I have a feeling this problem is caused by something obvious I've missed.

The reason I'm using WEP instead of WPA is because there are 3 DS users in my house (original DS) and they don't support WPA encryption.

Any help to solving this problem would be appreciated. If you need to know more then please ask and I will let you know.