Hi Ianni67,

Thanks for the suggestion. I just tried your configuration. I get dual screen display as expected but notice the following:

- Composite is disabled, meaning I lose my desktop effects (no more nice Compiz). I think this is a limitation of Xinerama.

- The pointer now gets properly restricted to a screen and switching works.

- However there is an offset between the mouse pointer and the actual drawing in GIMP and Inkscape. Described in a few posts online:
I haven't had a chance to try out the solutions.

Ultimately I don't think I'm willing to sacrifice Compiz and 3D effects for the tablet - Xinerama seems like a step backwards from where I am now, since TwiView allows both screens to render 3D effects.

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The xinerama and the twinview extensions are quite different in behaviour.
I did not try recently the twinview mode so I cannot tell you how to make it work with the Bamboo.

You might try my configuration. Just keep in mind that my monitor is rotated so in my configuration there are a couple of commands to re-align the two monitors.


I hope that this helps you.