First post, please excuse any breaches in etiquette, etc...

Thank you--followed directions in post #1 and now my Bamboo Pen (CTL-460) is working quite well--no complaints

Granted, mine is basic (no buttons on tablet, no eraser) but what options exist are working fine--as smoothly as the Logitech trackball I use for everyday activities. I have not fully explored button function as far as programmability (partially as a result of my own ignorance) but those functions to which the device defaults (touching stylus to pad = left click, near button [the one closest the nib] = center click, far button = right click) are working well. Pressure sensitivity is fully functional as well.

Issues I have experienced:

1.) When in 'relative' mode, GIMP input is erratic and unusable. I prefer 'absolute', so no worries (for me, anyway).

2.) On occasion, input in the GIMP file-open dialog has limited functionality (only the button which closes the dialog box works), but upon restarting GIMP, function returns.

3.) My trackball (Logitech Trackman Wheel, wired) loses full functionality--but only in GIMP--when plugged in at the same time as the Bamboo Pen tablet. It can access menus, etc... but can perform no actions on the image being worked on other than repositioning the image with center click & drag. Again, no worries--that's why I got the tablet

Other comments:

--I have only actively tested functionality in GIMP and Kdenlive, though in both programs the tablet works quite well. In all other programs it appears to function as a normal 3-button mouse.

--xsetwacom commands work, as does wacomcpl, though changes are not persistent. I made a little script that flips the tablet for left-handed use on start up. Not that big a deal for most, but i am just learning scripts as well, so i'm pleased. (I'm not a lefty, but i like using the wide space on the tablet as a wrist-rest.)

--when issuing xsetwacom commands, only the full device name works (i.e.--Wacom_Bamboo_Pen_4x5_Pen0).

--No issues with hotplugging whatsoever.

Vital Statistics:

Computer: Toshiba Satellite M115-S3094, 2Gb memory (she's old, but she'll get you where you need to go...)

OS: Ubuntu Linux 9.10 (Karmic)

Kernel: 2.6.31-20-generic

Blood Type: B-

Please pardon the verbosity (and possible redundance) of this post.

A final, very unrelated comment: This is my first post, but i have been lurking hereabouts for some time and may i say the spirit and attitude of these forums is really quite nice to observe. That I have yet to see an "RTFM" delivered in anything but jest is refreshing.

Anyway, thanks to you and the community for your all your hard work. Cheers!!!