Hi Everyone,
I seem to have 2 problems after installing Ubuntu (it's a dual boot):

1) I have installed a patch from a "Hardware Drivers" message telling me to install a patch to make my ATI Radeon HD 3470 card work. I've installed it, but it doesn't seem to help any... my screen is a 1366X768, could this be the problem?

2) I've messed around with the "Synaptic Package Manager" and I really screwed up my Ubuntu. I had to delete "ubuntu-desktop" in order to run a diagnosis when my Grub loaded up Ubuntu. To make a long story short, everything is working alright, except for the fact that I don't have any sound hardware in my sound preferences. I had sound before the big mess up, and I don't know how to work it out!

Will most appreciate if you can help me out on this one!

'cuz u don't mess with da best...'