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Thread: Help creating PDF's ready for poster printing

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    Hi everyone

    A few days ago I found some pictures on the wiki.ubuntu which were meant for posters. Since they were distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License I decided to make a few changes and then print them as posters...

    However the company the is going to print the files for have some requirements to the files... After I tried using Scribus and Inkscape for a few hours I gave up, and therefore I would ask if anyone who knew more about layout than I do would make the files...

    The attachments are all SVG files made in Inkscape...

    The requirements are:

    • The files must be separate PDF's
    • They must be 300 PPI
    • All colours must be defined not in RGB (as these SVG's) but CMYK
    • A 3mm bleed and crop marks
    • All used fonts must be included

    If someone who know how to do this (I tried but just could not get everything right o.O) would help me, and then send/upload the PDF's I would be very thankful

    Best Regards
    Jens Fredskov
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    Re: Help creating PDF's ready for poster printing

    Hi! There are a lot of printing services who can offer help. Lucky me because my friend just live nearby and he offers printing services which I also enjoy . Hope that you'll find one too.

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