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Thread: boot problem with extra harddrive

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    boot problem with extra harddrive

    Ubuntu 9.04 does not boot in normal mode when the slave harddrive is connected.

    The desired configuration is:
    - one 13 GB master harddrive with dual boot from Win98 and Ubuntu 9.04
    - one 40 GB slave harddrive as storage
    The Win98 boot option is nonessential; I'm just trying to smooth the transition.

    Ubuntu will boot just fine when I physically disconnect the slave drive. I can also boot into Ubuntu recovery mode with the slave drive connected. However, when the slave drive is connected, and I select the normal Ubuntu boot, I just get a blank screen (for at least 10 minutes).

    I see a screen (BIOS, I suppose) that confirms the connection of one master drive and one slave drive, so I assume that the drives are physically jumpered and connected correctly.

    Any ideas how I can fix this problem so that my mom can boot the computer to Ubuntu normally with her old harddrive connected?


    My mom's Windows XP machine got badly infected. So, I salvaged an old 13 GB harddrive (with Win98se) from an old computer, and set it up as the master in my mom's computer. The system boots up just fine in Win98 with my mom's old 40 GB harddrive as the slave. However, for some reason the slave drive is not visible from the Win98 filesystem. So, I had the brilliant idea to migrate my mom over to Linux (one victory at a time). I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on the master drive alongside Win98. I got everything going with the slave drive NOT connected (I just wanted to be careful with it because my mom has pictures and such that she wants to save from it).
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