Hi Team,

I wanted to install Ubunutu on my laptop and it currently has windows vista installed on it. I tried to install Ubunto 9.04 using wubi installer and everything went fine and I selected Ubuntu from dropdown menu after the system restarted. But when the sytem shows the username page to login the KEYBOARD and MOUSE are not responding. i tried the following commands but none of them really helped.

Or any other key F1-F12

I then uninstalled ubuntu from add/remove programs in vista and then tried to install Ubuntu 8.04 but the same issue happened while trying to login. Keyboard/mouse not responding.

I am using Lenovo Y series laptop and using the inbuilt keyboard/mouse.

few months ago i was trying to install Ubuntu using virtual PC on my office machine. even then i had similar issue with keyboard/mouse and somehow i fixed the issue by following some instructions i saw in one forum. But i lost that information now.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,