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Thread: Home folders are duplicating in /var/www

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    Re: Home folders are duplicating in /var/www

    Thank you very much guys for all your help. It does seem there is some kind of link between /var/www and /home or the other way round.

    This is what I found in fstab

    HTML Code:
    # /etc/fstab: static file system information.
    # <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>
    proc            /proc           proc    defaults        0       0
    # /dev/sda1
    UUID=8c30055e-5ee8-4d45-85cd-3842c307bbd5 /               ext3    relatime,errors=remount-ro 0       1
    # /dev/sda2
    UUID=b64a58e9-207f-4268-9046-6f168ecf8728  /home  ext3  suid,resgid=1002,dev,relatime,exec  0  2
    # /dev/sda5
    UUID=67db335f-da38-40ee-b0cf-67e607bf5727 /share          ext3    relatime        0       2
    # /dev/sda3
    UUID=dd993637-3f4e-4074-9597-83cf8e812834 none            swap    sw              0       0
    /dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       0
    /var/www /home none bind

    I have attached a disk and network filesystem screen shot of webmin. It does show like /home and /var/www are linked.

    Now the only question is, how did this happen? Well, I also have virtualmin installed on the server. After googling, it turns out when virtualmin is installed as a module, it cannot use /home for mail and site but /var/www

    However if installed using a script ( it can take care of such a problem ( I hope symlinking is not the solution) Mine was not installed using the script. I guess that explains alot.

    Thank you again all you guys.
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