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Thread: how to downgrade / roll back a version? OR video help!

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    Unhappy how to downgrade / roll back a version? OR video help!

    I'm on Hardy 8.04, kernel 2.6.24-25. I hadn't used my computer for a while (a few months) and was behind on updates. Using update manager was installing and my computer crashed in the middle (out of power - I thought it was plugged in).

    Not sure if it was my crash during upgrade or if it's the upgrade itself but I'm getting crazy display issues - color distortion, striping. Tried reinstalling my video driver, not sure that really worked (I don't think I did it right).

    Would consider a move to Interpid but seeing so many problems after upgrade...yikes! I would actually rather downgrade a version and try upgrading that possible?

    Update: I'm really starting to think it's my video card, I'm not much of a hardware person. The blacks are read and the colors shift/vibrate a bit. I took my laptop apart (well all the panels) and I couldn't find the video card. I think it's really buried in there. How do you tell if it's a video card issue?
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    Re: how to downgrade / roll back a version? OR video help!

    Hey, mahalie,

    Many other people have encountered such issues on laptops running Radeon Mobility 7500s (you can find your what your video card is by installing and running 'sysinfo'). The only fix that has worked for anyone os to enable normal effects in System>Preferences>Appearance>Visual Effects. However, it has not worked for everyone. You can keep track of this problem here:

    Here's hoping we find a consistent fix soon!
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