I have two external drives, both seagate, both usb interface. They both have been detected and mounted before on the Dell 4700C I'm using as a media box, however, when I try to boot I sometimes have an error which says something about the usb device (I have tried to replicate it but can't seem to, so far) and when I unplug the usb cable, it will continue to boot normally.

The weird thing is that the one with the on/off switch will mount every time, but the one without it won't, in either windows or ubuntu.

I am dual booting tinyxp and jaunty on a Dell 4700C with 2gb of RAM and 2.6 Ghz pentium. Is there a preferred way to get both operating systems to recognize the drive? When one does it, both will, but never will one do it and the other won't. I have read that there are sometimes problems with things being "cold-plugged", i.e., plugged in on boot, so maybe I could modify my boot procedure?

The unpredictable behavior has me really confused.