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Thread: No Sound

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    No Sound


    I installed ubuntu on my computer and everything works fine. In the sound settings I selected the 5.1 sound. So far so good. The problem is when I go to the seven ... The sound does not work ... Any suggestions?

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    Re: No Sound

    To get the ball rolling...

    What is your sound device? If you don't know specifically, bring up a terminal and enter the following command:
    ...and paste the result of that command in your reply. What will print out is a list of (almost) all of your devices as detected by ubuntu. This will help people figure out if your issue is a config issue, a driver issue, etc.

    Note if you are using speaker outputs, line outputs, an optical output, or whatever I haven't mentioned.

    Is it safe to assume you are using the plain old vanilla ubuntu and not any of the special versions like Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu studio, etc?

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    Re: No Sound

    My sound device is Audigy SE from creative.
    Yes i am using ubuntu.


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