I just did a clean install from Intrepid Ibex to Karmic Koala, everything is perfect except when I try to control volume either manually or through the buttons on the front of my Dell Inspiron E1705 laptop, the bar will be 1/4 full before the volume even comes on. When it does come on it only plays out of the left speaker at 100% volume. When I increase the bar to full, the volume does not change because it is already at 100%, rather it now plays out of both speakers. I never had this problem in 8.10.

To make sure it was a OS problem and not my hardware, I reinstalled Intrepid Ibex (8.10) and everything worked perfectly. Except this time I used the update manager to upgrade from 8.10 > 9.04 > 9.10, and the volume is still giving me issues. I love my music and movies, and this is a big pain to deal with. I check the update manager everyday to see if there is a fix to this problem. I am not new to using Ubuntu, but when it comes to checking my hardware and typing code I am completely clueless.

So if you have any suggestions as to how to fix this, please include step by step instructions and if I need to use the terminal please tell me what to type.

Thank you So much