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Thread: Fujitsu Laptop won't hook up to internet!!!

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    Unhappy Fujitsu Laptop won't hook up to internet!!!

    Hi! xD

    I've got a Fujitsu N6460 Laptop, Centrino Duo (1.5 GHz), 3 Gigs of RAM, 2 HDD (one's 200 and the back uo is 250G),It came w/ an ATI video card (256Mb)and I've got it Dual booting w/ windows XP

    It went through the whole installation but it won't recognize my modem when I hook it up and the wireless doesn't work either

    I tried running the hardware testing thing but it needs an internet connection!!!

    Ubuntu looks beautiful but I want to get all the drivers for my video card and my midi controller (Yamaha KX25) and my Tascam US1641 audio interface.

    I want to completely change to Linux by the end of this year so it would be of great help if you could help this newbie get use to the essential details of this new OS!!!

    If you need ANY more info just let me know!!!

    THX a lot for reading!!!!

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    Re: Fujitsu Laptop won't hook up to internet!!!

    Did you manage to get your Yamaha KX25 working with Ubuntu?

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