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Thread: Need Tips: Making a Desktop for ubuntu 9.10

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    Need Tips: Making a Desktop for ubuntu 9.10

    I am making new a Desktop for Ubuntu 9.10 and some Windows 7 usage probably in Virtualbox.

    My main goal is to build a budget computer for around $600, but I may go a little higher. It's main function will be storage & general usage and some gaming (with wine not windows.

    Here's my list:
    Please let me know what you think of it, if something is too weak or wrong hardware. I'm kinda new to buying computers. :/

    I'm a little worried about the video card and the case. Will it even fit? And Should I get a better processor? It's kinda on the low side for this build. NOTE: I haven't decide if I'm going to get a hard drive for this build, I have a couple extras.

    THANKS so much for any future advice
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