I'm a Ubie Noob, but I can follow directions pretty well...and I've been rooting around this forum for quite awhile, and I still can't find a workable, permanent solution to disabling my Synaptics touch pad. I've downloaded gsynaptics and touchfreeze. They seem to work for a few seconds, but as soon as I open an app (OpenOffice) and begin typing, the touchpad for some reason becomes activated again. I've even moved the Synaptics driver, and it had no effect. I've gone into the terminal and deactivated it, which works for the session, but when I reboot, the old settings are reverted to.

I'd like to get rid of the thing altogether... but, well, we know how that is.

Pertinent info:
HP Pavilion Laptop

...and there's probably more, but I'll wait for someone to ask for it.

Thanks for whatever help anyone can offer!