i managed to get sound over my hdmi of my gt220 too BUT neither flash videos within browser nor the xbmc menu sounds get over it.

so i have sound from every source over the hdmi except flash videos movie sounds in ff and the xbmc menu sounds. especially the one with flash is very anoying.

additionally i observed a strange thing: if i disable the onbord sound (i have onbord + the gt220) i dont get any sound at all. but the pulseaudio controls tell me i have sound. everything plays and tells me that i should here something but it is nothing to hear. only if i activated also the onbord sound in the bios.

but if i have both activated the module for the onbord sound seems to crash everytime i try to use the onbord sound - not that i want it, but i tried it.

anybody have sound ober the gt220 hdmi AND have sound in firefox from flash movies?