Has there been any progress on this bug from 2006? I tested my laptop in 9.04 and the bug was still killing my notebook hard drive, until I applied the work around. I have lost the script I have used to correct the problem, and ubuntu wipes out the fix everytime I upgrade it. So, I was hoping this time maybe I wouldn't have to write the bash script to fix the problem.

I am hoping that this problem has finally been fixed. I realize this problem also exists in Debian and other distributions and is officially the fault of Hard drive BIOS programmers, but Windows has fixed/prevented this problem, so I hope Ubuntu has too.

Has anyone confirmed this bug or a fix for this bug in 9.10? Launch pad says a fix was released for Hardy, Intrepid, and Jaunty, but I had to apply a bash script by hand in all 3 versions to work around the problem.